The Use of Cyclosporine and PCSO-524® in the Treatment of Alopecia and Dermatitis due to Sebaceous Adenitis in Rabbits

Female Holland Lop rabbit aged 9 years and 6 months was taken to the hospital for treatment of dermatitis.

Clinical signs included alopecia with unknown cause, dry and course hair, scaling, dry and cracked skin.

The laboratory examination consisted of superficial skin scraping, cellophane tape technique and dermatophyte test kit examination.

External parasites, yeast, and fungi were not found. However, skin biopsy identified hyperkeratosis, follicular dystrophy, and decreased number of sebaceous gland.


After sebaceous adenitis was diagnosed, the rabbit was treated with 5mg/kg cyclosporine sid and 1 capsule of PCS0-524® sid for more than 6 months in order to reduce the skin inflammation and hairrestoration.

No adverse effects were found and the hair loss was replaced by new hair growth, softer hair and less scaling was observed.

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