Efficacy of PCSO-524® (VetzPetz Antinol®) for Inflammation Control in Cat with Chronic Juvenile Gingivitis Responsive to Full Mouth Extraction

The cat was having signs of juvenile gingivitis and retained deciduous dentition. Extraction of deciduous teeth were performed when the cat was 11 months old. However, gingivitis was persistent and causing severe halitosis, saliva stain on hair around the lips, drooling, and gingival overgrowth.

The cat was treated with New Zealand green-lipped mussel oil extract PCSO-524® (VetzPetz Antinol®, DKSH, Thailand) 1 capsule daily for 2 months after the extraction of deciduous teeth.

The treatment was able to reduce degree of drooling and gingivitis but could not completely eliminate the disease.

Full mouth extraction was then performed.

Post-operative care included anti-inflammatory drug, Tolfenamic acid (Tolfedine®, Vétoquinol, Best Agro; Thailand) 4 mg/kg for 3 consecutive days, Amoxicillin-Clavulanic acid (Clavamox®, Zoetis, Thailand12.5 mg/kg for 1 week, and New Zealand green-lipped mussel oil extract PCSO-524® (VetzPetz Antinol®, DKSH, Thailand) 1 capsule per day continuously.

The severity of gingivitis was rapidly decreased after the operation and within 2 weeks after the operation, the gingivitis was completely subsided.

The oil extract was administered continuously for 31 months without showing any clinical signs or impaired hematological indicators.

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