Koji Nishida

Case: Nineteen dogs presented with cough and diagnosed with tracheal collapse based on inspiration / expiration chest radiography between December 2013 and April 2015.

Tracheal collapse is a respiratory disorder characterized by the decrease of supporting force of the tracheal cartilage which results in abnormal dilating and flattening of the trachea. It is common in small-breed dogs and brachycephalic dogs. Tracheal collapse results from a number of causes including genetic factors, obesity, tracheal cartilage degeneration, chronic bronchitis, respiratory infection, and cardiovascular dysfunction. The combination with these causes worsens symptoms.

Comprehensive management is required such as medical treatment as well as surgical treatment at the time of progression.

This report summarize positive effects of PCSO-524® (Antinol®), a supplement product which includes anti-inflammatory fatty acids extracted from Perna canaliculus, another kind of green-lipped mussels, given to dogs with tracheal collapse.



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New researches and publications related to PCSO-524® and its result in clnical test submitted by veterinarians on the global conferences every year and the data keeps growing with more studies conducted


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