Prach Maihasap

Application of the Polyunsaturated fatty acid compound PCSO-524 in the post operative recovery of dogs that have had stifle surgery

WSAVA FASAVA Congress 2013
World Small Animal Veterinary Assoc.
38th Annual Congress 6-9 March 2013, Auckland, New Zealand

The clinical outcomes of the use of PCSO-524 in 28 dogs that had undergone surgery on the stifle (which included correction of the patellar luxation and correction of cranial cruciate ligament rupture) were studied at the Small Animal Teaching Hospital, at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Twenty-eight dogs that undergone both stifle surgery were included in our study. All test subjects had been given pre-emptive analgesia (morphine sulfate). NSAIDs and glucosamine had been administered before the surgery.

Two postoperative treatments were:

  1. NSAIDs treatment for one week in combination with glucosamine sulfate;
  2. only PCSO-524 treatments.



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