The Preliminary study of the Clinical outcome of using the PCSO-524 polyunsaturated fatty acid compound (Antinol) in the treatment of Canine Osteoarthritis and degenerative spinal diseases

The clinical outcome of PCSO-524 application in the treatment of canine osteoarthritis and spinal disorder was studied at the Small Animal Teaching Hospital, Chulalongkorn University.

Eighty-four dogs were included in our study. Thirty-one dogs showed signs of osteoarthritis (OA) in both hip joints and shoulder joints; 33 dogs had OA in stifle joints from cranial cruciate ligament rupture; and 20 dogs had neurological signs of the cauda equina syndrome.

All affected dogs were treated by 50 mg/ 10 kg of PCSO-524, PO for twelve weeks.


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