Piyathida Ardaum

The 6 Case Studies from Antinol® Case Study Contest of 2018.

Antinol® Contest has been organized successfully for 3 years since 2016 in Thailand.

The key objective of this scientific contest is to encourage knowledges sharing amongst the Vet practitioners on how to treat the companion animals inflammatory cases safely & effectively by using Antinol in conjunctive with others medicines especially the NSAIDs (Non Steroidal anti-inflammation drugs) which is the drug of choices of anti-inflammatory problems.



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A Persian male cat was diagnosed with right hip luxation and left hip injury. While waiting for surgical treatment, the cat was treated with NSAIDs to control pain and inflammation.

After the operation on the right femoral head (right FHNE), the cat received antibiotics and NSAIDs for 10 and 3 consecutive days, respectively. Two weeks after the operation, the lameness and pain of the right hip, as observed from palpation, still remained, but the cat began to bear partial weight.

PCSO-524® was then prescribed and the gait analysis was performed to measure the angle of joint movement.

The monitoring showed increased angle of joint movement and decreased lameness score. This was consistent with the owner report that described less hiding behavior of the cat and improved high jump performance and better quality of life.

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Updated Study Topics

New researches and publications related to PCSO-524® and its result in clnical test submitted by veterinarians on the global conferences every year and the data keeps growing with more studies conducted


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