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10 Case Reports using PCSO-524® in combination with the treatment regimen for dogs and cats.

Pharmalink International Ltd. and Vetz Petz® would like to thank everyone involved in this 2017 Antinol® Case Study Contest competition and pay homage to our Professors and Veterinarians who have assisted in the judging of the competition.

This 2017 contest was very special with the inclusion of Professor Duncan Lascelles and the wonderful innovation of the live poll that the audience took part in to choose the Vets choice and favorite presentation.



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This is a case report of a Persian cat with severe pruritus, which was not improved by topical external parasitic treatment, food trial and 2 months treatment with oral cyclosporine at the dose 5mg/kg. The cat developed corneal ulcer after the long-term treatment with oral cyclosporine.

PCSO-524® (Antinol® Vetz Petz, New Zealand) was replaced cyclosporine as an anti-inflammation treatment and also was considered as a skin barrier support.

The cause of pruritic in this case report was still inconclusive, but the skin lesions of this cat resolved after 2 months supplement with oral PCSO-524® and external parasitic treatment with oral f vluralaner (Bravecto®, MSD).

In conclusion, oral PCSO-524® (Antinol®, Vetz Petz), could be considered as an anti-inflammation and skin barrier support when the cats could not be treated with potent anti-inflammatory medications such as corticosteroid or cyclosporine. The underlying causes of pruritic skin lesions should be corrected in order to manage feline pruritic skin diseases.

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