Antinol® Case Study Contest 2020

The 8 Case Studies from Antinol® Case Study Contest of 2020.


1st Winning Awards

1) Use of PCSO-524® and Cyclosporin for Treatment of Immune-Mediated Polyarthritis in Dogs

2) Use of PCSO-524® for Supplementary Treatment of Protein Losing Nephropathy in Animals



2nd Winning Awards

3) Use of PCSO-524®(Antinol®) in a Pomeranian Dog with Degenerative Mitral Valve Disease (DMVD) and Cardiac Tumor of the Left Atrium



3rd Winning Awards


4) Use of PCSO-524 (Antinol®) for Treatment of Chronic Pododermatitis in FIghting Cocks

5) Use of PCSO-524® with Physical Rehabilitation to Regain Mobility in Dogs after Femoral Head and Neck Excision

6) Use of PSCO-524® (Antinol®) and Casting for Treatment of Tetraparesis and Neck Pain Due to Atlantoaxial Instability and Subluxation of the 1st-2nd Cervical Vertebrae

7) Effect of One Year Treatment with PCSO-524® on Feline Dermatophytic Pseudomycetoma





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Feline dermatophytic pseudomycetoma is fungal infections of the skin caused by dermatophytes (Microsporum spp.)

The diagnosis is based on histopathological test. The infection causes clinical lesion and chronic inflammation of the skin.

Long-term treatment is necessary with antifungal agents and anti-inflammatory drugs are recommended in case of severe inflammation.


Due to anti-inflammatory and skin enrichment effects of PCSO-524® (Antinol®), it is used for supportive treatment of feline dermatophytic pseudomycetoma in this case.

Administration of PCSO-524® (Antinol®) also reduces the risk of adverse effects from using other anti-inflammatory agents.

The use is simple and can reduce the dosage of other medications, particularly in difficult cats that do not cooperate with taking oral medicine.

Treatment outcome can be evaluated from physical examination, hematological and blood chemistry tests, and body weight gain.

Over one-year treatment period, there was no signs of side effects from the treatment, the blood test results were stable and the quality of life and social interaction between the cat and the owner was improved.


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